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Purina High Point Derby Award goes to….. Coolwater’s Knockout “Punch”

Posted on timeDecember 18th, 2008 by Admin

Moose on left and Punch on Right

Moose on left and Punch on Right

It was getting close to Christmas in 2006, and Honda was carrying only two pups. Alex Washburn-Weidlein was taking no chances, so she called her vet, Lee Payne, and asked him to go ahead with the C-section. The pups then arrived on Christmas eve, two beautiful black baby boys born healthy and plump!

One with a red collar and one with a blue….the sod garden in the horse stall was laid in preparation for a winter airing yard. January is not snowy in Mississippi, but the grass can be sparse. Now we wouldn’t want them to miss out on a romp on the turf!

So it was for Punch and Moose growing up on Coolwater Farms. They would ride on the truck during training and be allowed to wander and explore while the big dogs worked. Punch would drag the ducks from the truck and Moose would chew on anything that he found. Deb Bredesen and Mary Howley came to visit in February to see the two Patton pups when it was time to decide who should go to Susan Wing and who would stay at Coolwater. Mary said the Blue collar should stay. Alex’s training partner said the same, and he was named ‘Punch’.


Team Punch

Team Punch

 Punch was raised as a pup using the “Hillmann Method” of puppy raising which creates habits and forms a relationship that will be a foundation for all retrieving activities. He went to Mary Hillmann for the summer months of June – August and returned to Coolwater that fall and competed in his first derby at 11 months. He won his first derby in February 2008 at 13 months.


Realizing that Punch may be a cadidate for a derby champion, Alex solicited the help of her good friends, Jay and Stacey Patton, to help Punch pursue his derby career. Jay and Stacey were extremely supportive and helped to give Punch every advantage in furthering his derby career. With the guidance and skill of Bill Hillmann, Punch began to place at many derbies. They travelled from ND to CO to MD and more in search of their goal. The rest is history! Punch has been awarded the Purina High Point Derby Award for 2008!!


Bill and Punch

Bill and Punch

Congratulations to Punch, Alex, Jay, Stacey, and Chelsea Patton. A special congratulation goes out to Bill Hillmann with his sixth derby championship. The following derby champions were also trained by Bill Hillmann.



Sunday Hawkeye, LF



Hawkeye’s Viking



Hawkeye’s Coast Guard



Hawkeye’s Red White and Blue



Hawkeye’s Sea Wolf





tag2 Responses to “Purina High Point Derby Award goes to….. Coolwater’s Knockout “Punch””

  1. Mike Collson Says:

    Did I miss something, I thought we had a tie with Pink and Punch????? Please don’t forget the great animal that is Pink and her owner Scott Spalding.

  2. Admin Says:

    the Purina Awards are different from the High Point Derby Dog awarded by Field Trial News. Officially the AKC does not count points for derbies, so traditionally the Field Trial News has awarded ‘High Point Derby dog’. The Purina award is not the same award that Field Trial News will announce. I believe that RFTN will announce a co-champion award for High Point Derby dog as was done the last time in 1959, but as far as I know, that is not official yet. Again, as in the Open and Amateur awards, the Purina award is different than the AKC High Point Awards.

    Congratulations to Scott Spaulding, with a fantastic dog named ‘Pink’! Hopefully, he will send me her story soon!

    What a close race it was! My ribbon count is as follows:

    29 Awards
    9 Jams
    9 Firsts

    27 Awards
    8 Jams
    8 Firsts

    What an exciting year for derby dogs and to come down to one last trial between the two! Very breathtaking and historic for all involved!

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