Registered Name: OTTERCREEK'S GRYPHON   |   Call Name: Gryphon     Registration #:  SR01302102

 Sire:  FC AFC Fordland's Bored Out Ford SN44259108  Sex:  M     DOB 3/26/2002    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  Ottercreek's Sweet Cheeks SN60718807

 Registered Name: HARDLINE COBRA JET   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1079526

 Sire:  SM98209203  Sex:  F     DOB 5/14/2002    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN59313301

 Registered Name: QNB THE MAXX   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1080319

 Sire:  SN19528201  Sex:  M     DOB 1/12/2002    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN51792701

 Registered Name: HRCH DOULAB CHINA MH   |   Call Name: China     Registration #:  SN88681501

 Sire:  FC AFC WATERMARK'S THE BOSS SN21205204  Sex:  F     DOB 12/28/2001    Color:  BLACK

 Registered Name: GOOSE NEST SOMEDAY TRADE'R   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1080457

 Sire:  SN42171601  Sex:  F     DOB 11/1/2002    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  JE576619

 Registered Name: PIKE CREEK'S SEVEN UP   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1080658

 Sire:  SN42062205  Sex:  F     DOB 3/17/2003    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN53224203

 Registered Name: WINTERWIND'S SHALL WE DANCE   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1081295

 Sire:  SN60133004  Sex:  F     DOB 5/14/2003    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN72552403

 Registered Name: SHOW ME THE WAY U'LEBLANCUSA STELLA   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1081332

 Sire:  11011216329  Sex:  F     DOB 5/29/2003    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  12705021064

 Registered Name: DANDESG VIPER   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1082226

 Sire:  SN32794201  Sex:  F     DOB 2/10/2003    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN79674305

 Registered Name: DOULAB APPOQUININMINK KATE   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1082263

 Sire:  SN32794201  Sex:  F     DOB 2/10/2003    Color: 
 Dam:  SN79674305


NOTE: Material on may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All the data on each dog and/or person has not been authenticated and may not be complete. Data has been obtained from several external resources, and is not responsible for its accuracy. Please always verify with the original source to confirm. Changes may be periodically incorporated into this material.

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