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 Registered Name: SHE IZZA DUK DAWG MH   |   Call Name: Jiggy     Registration #:  SR36593001

 Sire:  FC IZZEE-A-DUK-DAWG SN66891201  Sex:  F   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  MAGGIE SIOUX IV SR07672709

 Registered Name: FC MOSSY OAK'S FOWL LANGUAGE   |   Call Name: Naughty     Registration #:  SR59629202

 Sire:  FC AFC WOOD RIVER'S FRANCHISE SN83338504  Sex:  F   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SHE IZZA DUK DAWG MH SR36593001

 Registered Name: Mossy Oak's Icy Hot   |   Call Name: Chilly     Registration #:  SR64858308

 Sire:  FC RIPARIAN WINDFALL SN82847201  Sex:  F   Color:  YELLOW

 Registered Name: HRCH UH AKSARBEN'S BLACK STORM MH   |   Call Name: Storm     Registration #:  SR17702301

 Sire:  FC AFC HIWOOD JAGUAR SN69151109  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK

 Registered Name: HRCH WHISKEY CREEK SHADE MH   |   Call Name: Apollo     Registration #:  SR08221807

 Sire:  FC Nan Dool Elwood Blues SN16570805  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  Brandie Wines Beaver Oaks JH SN18872802

 Registered Name: MOSSY OAK'S DUK AHOLIC   |   Call Name: Oz     Registration #:  SR59629201

 Sire:  FC AFC WOOD RIVER'S FRANCHISE SN83338504  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SHE IZZA DUK DAWG MH SR36593001


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