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 Registered Name: CK'S SNEAK   |   Call Name: Sneak     Registration #:  SR74005302

 Sire:  FC PIKE OF CASTLEBAY SN69350603  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  CK'S SMARTY PANTS SR16959801

 Registered Name: CK'S THE BLACK MAMBA   |   Call Name: BeeBee     Registration #:  SR33172202

 Sire:  FC Hawkeye's Red, White, SR07493702  Sex:  F   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  FC, AFC Rubie Begonia SN78488919

 Registered Name: CK'S MISS ROSE   |   Call Name: Rose     Registration #:  SR33172205

 Sire:  FC HAWKEYE'S RED,WHITE AND BLUE SR07493702  Sex:  F   Color:  BLACK

 Registered Name: CK'S SILVER BELLS-POSSUM   |   Call Name: Possum     Registration #:  SR33172208

 Sire:  FC Hawkeye's Red, White, and Blue SR07493702  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  FC AFC Rubie Begonia SN78488919

 Registered Name: Babelott   |   Call Name: Pac     Registration #:  SR25008101

 Sire:  FC PIKE OF CASTLEBAY SN69350603  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  FC MISS SCARLET SN23606405

 Registered Name: Ck's Corky   |   Call Name: Corky     Registration #:  SR74005309

 Sire:  FC PIKE OF CASTLEBAY SN69350603  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  CK'S SMARTY PANTS SR16959801

 Registered Name: FC MOONSTONES IGNITES ON IMPACT MH   |   Call Name: Flint     Registration #:  SR15950203

 Sire:  FC AFC CREEK ROBBER SN58302904  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK

 Registered Name: FC HAWKEYE'S RED WHITE AND BLUE   |   Call Name: Banner     Registration #:  SR07493702

 Sire:  AFC Hawkeye's Viking SN76902006  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  Honest Abe's Texas Bella SN57722706

 Registered Name: CK's Ready to Roll   |   Call Name: Ready     Registration #:  SR67937902

 Sire:  FC PIKE OF CASTLEBAY SN69350603  Sex:  F   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  CK'S SMARTY-PANTS SR16959801

 Registered Name: NFTCH NAFTCH FC AFC NIGHTWINGS MARSH LEADER   |   Call Name: Guide     Registration #:  SR45499306

 Sire:  NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek SN48321611  Sex:  M   Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  Patton's Party Girl SR22137505


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